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Definitive Cares makes a big impact

All of us at Waypoint – staff and participants – are so grateful for the volunteer support from Definitive Cares over the past month. This healthcare company, striving to make communities healthier and happier, has sent it’s employees on several Waypoint programs from Rock Climbing to Kayaking to Hiking and did just that. Waypoint’s participants got to experience the role modeling of attentive, helpful, and caring people all while forming brief but meaningful friendships. Thank you Definitive Cares for your support loading and unloading kayaks, fitting harness, paddling boats, teaching important winter hiking lessons, and more! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Want your company to get involved? There are two ways to make that happen:

  1. Benefit from the reward of group-forming community service by signing your team up for an adventure with Julia (Waypoint’s volunteer coordinator). One volunteer said that volunteering with Waypoint is the best corporate team-building he’s ever experienced: “You spend a day in a pool teaching a bunch of kids how to paddle a boat and the next day you’re back in the break-room swapping stories and laughing about it. You definitely get to know your co-workers better after an experience like that!”
  2. Consider being a Corporate Sponsor for our March 30th Spring Fundraiser!

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