Waypoint Adventure corporate support programs provide meaningful opportunities to engage your corporation in team building experiences and support youth and adults with disabilities in discovering their purpose, talents and strengths. Your support makes these life-changing experiences possible!

Did you know that corporate philanthropy strengthens your own company’s culture?

According to Macquarie Graduate School of Management:

93% of employees who volunteer through their company report being happy with their employer.

54% of those who are proud of their company’s contributions to society are engaged at work.

According to the 2020 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey, employees have been re-examining the companies they work for with an eye toward purpose and impact on society. Employees, potential hires, and especially younger workers increasingly want to work at companies that pursue equity, diversity, and community. Research has shown that corporate volunteer programs improve employee satisfaction, foster employee engagement, and boost retention.



Volunteer as a company and experience, first-hand, the great reward of making access a reality and sharing in fun challenges alongside a diverse community.


As a sponsor of Waypoint, you have the opportunity to receive public recognition at any or all of our fundraising events, on our website, social media channels, email blasts, signage at events and in printed marketing materials.


Enjoy a team building adventure tailored for your group. Our outings include rock climbing, kayaking, or hiking and are led by experienced young adults with disabilities who have graduated from our Leaders-In-Training program.


Enlist one of our skilled facilitators for an interactive training session followed by an opportunity to implement learnings within our programs. Whether it’s our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion course, or a topic of your choice led by organizational development expert, this is sure to be a game changer for participants.


Testimonials “We had such a wonderful time volunteering with Waypoint last week! I can honestly say it was our favorite volunteer event of the year.” Elissa Bosley –Director of Marketing, Commonwealth Financial Group

Interested in experiencing our programs first-hand? Volunteer as a team! Your employees’ time, talent and passion can make a world of difference in the lives of others. Volunteering also strengthens your corporate culture. Research has shown that corporate volunteer programs improve employee satisfaction, foster employee engagement, and boost retention.

Your group can partner on Waypoint programs to discover the great reward of making access a reality while immersing yourselves in challenges alongside a diverse community.

Through this unforgettable experience, your team can engage with and help challenge youth and adults of all abilities to discover their purpose and potential through the transforming power of adventure. Likewise, your team will also be transformed through purposeful participation in diverse and inclusive group adventures.

All Waypoint Adventure programs are custom designed to meet the specific needs and goals of the group(s) participating. For groups of 4 or more, a suggested donation of $1000 is appreciated to support the adventure and coordination. Interested? Reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Interested in volunteering on your own? Click here to learn about independent volunteer opportunities.


Are you looking for sponsorship opportunities and want to have an immediate impact in your community? For our adventures to be accessible to as many people as possible, Waypoint charges participants only 15% of the actual cost of the programs. Prices are set at rates comparable to what the general public pays for similar experiences. The remaining balance, raised through donations from individuals, organization and companies like yours, covers the cost of the adaptive equipment and specialized instructions needed to make adventure education accessible – there is no reason why someone with a disability should have to pay more than anyone else.

By supporting Waypoint Adventure you can be part of an impactful group that:

Sponsor benefits table
  • Enables all participants to join us by removing the financial barriers via contributions to  our scholarship fund.
  • Challenges individuals and the community to see past disability.  It takes just one ‘I can’ moment on an adventure to change someone’s perspective and open up a world of possibilities.
  • Helps us to upkeep and purchase new equipment so we can continue to increase our adaptability to all types of disabilities.
  • Allows Waypoint to continue to grow our program staff to increase the number of participants that we can serve annually.

In addition to your impact above, as a sponsor of Waypoint, you have the opportunity to receive public recognition at any or all of our fundraising events, on our website, social media channels, email blasts, signage at events and in printed marketing materials.


Testimonials “The Waypoint Adventure leaders supported our team to take risks and discover new possibilities as individuals and as a team. What a wonderful experience for our team to learn from a former Waypoint participant, now a group leader, encouraging our team to try something new.” – Ellen Cohn, Clinical Professor of Occupational Therapy BU, Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Services

Looking for something new to do with your team this year? Why not take them on a Waypoint Adventure? Get your team out of the office, challenging them with something new, and learning they can accomplish what they hadn’t thought possible – as an individual and a team.

Your program will be co-led by one of our Leaders In Training (LIT) graduates. In 2017 Waypoint Adventure launched a program for young adults aged 16-28 to help them focus on skill development, goal setting, and goal attainment all while developing into a leader and decision-maker alongside a supportive community. Your team can expect a custom-designed, challenging adventure led by experienced facilitators that are ready to guide you, teach you, and make sure your team has a fun and rewarding time. Get your group out of the office, onto an adventure, and support the professional development of our Guides. All Guides are compensated from your fees.

Some of the adventures:

ROCK CLIMBING (Indoor or Outdoor) Experience the thrill and fun of top-rope rock climbing at an Indoor Climbing Gym or at a local cliff. You’ll get to work together to overcome challenges and build trust with a supportive team.

KAYAKING Experience Greater Boston from the vantage point of a river, lake, pond, or pool. Your team will paddle in tandem kayaks or singles, working together, and enjoying the fun and serenity of this awesome water sport.

HIKING Put on your boots or borrow ours and band together with your team for some high or low-intensity hiking in one of Boston’s many available green-spaces. Learn lessons including packing the 10 essentials, layering, local forest ecology, bugs, or something else!

TANDEM CYCLING Grab a buddy, helmets and head out on a scenic rail trail with your team. Learn teamwork and hone your communication skills while your team ventures out of the office to enjoy the fresh air and the adventure!


It is exciting to see how many organizations are prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives right now. However, too often these conversations leave out the topic of disability – even though people with disabilities are the world’s largest minority group!

Waypoint provides a variety of opportunities to help your team become more inclusive of people with disabilities. From virtual Lunch and Learn style events, to workshops co-led with organizational development expert, Gillian Simkiss, we can guide your team through any number of corporate learning opportunities.

While we always work with you to customize the experience, here are some of the common topics we cover: Defining Disability, Considering Statistics, and Reflecting on Stigmas. Learn how Waypoint makes adventure education accessible to people with disabilities and be challenged to process how you may be more empowering and inclusive of people with disabilities in your own community. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you!