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Closing out the School Year

It’s been another awesome year at the Mario Umana Academy of East Boston. This school is Waypoint’s longest standing partnership and over the past 5 years, we’ve made a lot of close friends. From teachers to admin to students to parents, Waypoint’s roots are deep at the Umana and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you especially to our 4 participating classes this year and the hard-working, adventure-loving teachers that make this happen. And thank you to Peter Fuller Rentals for donating your vans! Students in East Boston are learning through powerful experiences and it’s been a pleasure to run another year of successful programming alongside dedicated professionals.

Take a look at the adventures these classes have been a part of:

Ms. Brown’s class of 6th-8th graders ended the year with a Kayaking adventure out of Kendall Square in Cambridge. We treat this as the capstone to their series – a privilege to take their “indoor kayaking” skills to the sport of city-kayaking on the Charles. Check out video of this program and thanks to Charles River Canoe and Kayak for helping make it happen!

Kendall Square Panorama

Here we go!

Ms. Beaulieu’s 3rd-5th grade class grew and grew throughout the year. Our theme was Teamwork and we all had to stick with it as new students arrived and the class evolved. It was important to hit it home each time – new experiences can be fun alongside supportive peers and friends that work together. Click for pictures of this group rock climbing, indoor kayaking, snowshoeing, and more.



Mr. Sepeck’s 6th-8th grade class worked through a unit on making good decisions. Decision-making is all about knowing yourself, setting goals, and learning from the outcomes of our choices. Our series kicked-off with the help of students from Gordon College’s leadership program, Wilderness Immersion and Leadership Development (WILD). These students helped Mr. Sepeck’s class rock climb, kayak, and got them started on a series that culminated with an Indoor Rope Swing at Central Rock in Watertown.

Rope SwingHolding up Decision word

^You won’t want to miss this video!

Ms. Ross’s class was an energetic group of 1st-4th graders full of questions and excitement for all things outside. This team was exploring what it takes to have fun. What ingredients create an environment that allows for classmates to enjoy themselves, learn, be creative, and fully engage? Our two ingredients were Respect and Responsibility. Check out these two goals in practice:

Photo Jan 06, 10 00 39 AM
A salute is a sign of respect!


Photo Jan 13, 12 25 01 PM


Being responsible means caring for others on your team if they get cold. Even if it’s just a pretend-scenario…

Photo Mar 10, 10 44 15 AM

Photo May 19, 11 24 02 AM

Photo May 19, 11 52 07 AM

Check out one student rocking her Waypoint Rock Climbing gear at the end of the year fashion show! Congrats to all the students who sported their fitness fashion gear and looked the part!

Photo Jun 07, 12 33 58 PM