What's Happening at Waypoint Adventure

Kamisha felt freedom

Surrounded by the White Mountains of New Hampshire, long-time participant Kamisha felt a moment of freedom. As part of Waypoint’s Leaders-In-Training program, Kamisha and a group of her peers enjoyed a 2-day backpacking trip. At the end of that trip, the friends closed out the weekend by each throwing a stone into the river, with each stone symbolizing “worries we can leave behind.” Kamisha threw her stone into the river and later shared that through activities like this at Waypoint, she has been “free to discover aspects of herself that she never knew were there.” On this trip, Kamisha finally

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Celebrating Inclusion and Adventure: Waypoint Adventure North Carolina Launch Party Recap

Waypoint Adventure North Carolina’s Launch Party was a remarkable celebration of community, inclusion, and the spirit of adventure. Over 140 people braved the winter weather to celebrate the expansion of Waypoint’s accessible adventure programming into Western North Carolina. The event took place in Black Mountain, NC thanks to the support of the WNC Outdoor Collective. It was a cold night, but the warmth of a strong community made this milestone moment one for the books. It was inspiring to witness the enthusiasm of the people who came to support this mission to empower people with disabilities and make our community

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A young woman with medium dark skin and wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants sits in a hippocampe off-road wheelchair holding a rock smiling

An Interview with Kamisha

Kamisha went on a recent backpacking trip with the Leaders-In-Training program. In an interview with Waypoint staff, Julia, this is what she had to say about her experience: Q: How long have you been involved with Waypoint? A: I have been a part of Waypoint for 10 and a half years. I absolutely love it. Waypoint is a huge part of my life and my family.   Q: What has Waypoint meant to you? A: Waypoint has opened my eyes and shown me different aspects of myself that I hadn’t really noticed were there yet. Q: What kind of aspects

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Staff member, Rob pushing the back of a Hoyt Racing Chair being used by a young man

Thomas’ first time in the woods

A young man on a Somerville Public Schools hiking program experienced his first time in the woods! This group of high-school students has been doing an adventure series with Waypoint as a class and on a recent hike in the Middlesex Fells, we discovered it was Thomas’ first time! Thomas’ school borders the Middlesex Fells Reservation, but it wasn’t until a partnership with Waypoint Adventure and access to an off-road wheelchair that he got to experience the trails, trees, leaves, dirt, and wind. Thomas’ Physical Therapist said “This may be the most exciting thing Thomas has ever done!” Way to

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A group shot of 12 adults around a picnic table at the base of a cliff.

First Program in North Carolina

We’re excited to share that we’ve been hiking in Chimney Rocks State Park in North Carolina! Yes, we’re thrilled to announce the success of the first program in NC! The Open Hearts Art Center hiked alongside the base of a 400-foot waterfall in western North Carolina and discovered nature, friendship, community, and ability! This was the first of many open doors and opportunities for the communities surrounding Black Mountain, NC. Congrats team and a huge thanks to the donors and volunteers supporting these efforts! Start following @WaypointAdventure_NC if you’re not already and read more about the impact they’re making already in this

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Waypoint Partnership with Charles River Recreation

We’re grateful for our partnership with Charles River Recreation! CRR houses the outdoor recreation companies Paddle Boston and Weston Ski Track. For many years we’ve been using Paddle Boston sites all over the Greater Boston area. Only in more recent years, as we’ve acquired more adaptive snow equipment, have we partnered with Weston Ski Track to provide accessible snow sports to the community. People with disabilities and their families who want to recreate together are often met with challenges when showing up for a private or group recreation activity. Waypoint and companies like Charles River Recreation can provide access, adaptive

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