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Between the sun and the moon

Sounds poetic right? Sounds like Pink Floyd lyrics or something doesn’t it? Well, the line might appear in some poem or song, but it really describes exactly where we were on the water a few evenings ago with a group of adults on an intermediate kayaking program on Lake Cochituate in Wayland!

As we paddled into dusk, the moon started rising as the sun was setting and our group was in awe. At the end of the program we asked participants to share their “Waypoint” or “take-away”. For some the waypoint was the amazing scenery, for others it was feeling so small under the sky but so important to our community that night.

Pictures don’t do it justice but please take a minute to check out images from our night. Thanks to DCR’s Universal Access Program and the Wayland Recreation Department for helping us make this program possible!

IMG_3694 IMG_3697 IMG_3698 IMG_3702 IMG_3711  IMG_7418      Photo Aug 16, 6 52 18 PM Photo Aug 16, 7 32 54 PMIMG_7423Photo Aug 16, 7 18 37 PM Photo Aug 16, 7 29 42 PM Photo Aug 16, 7 31 13 PM Photo Aug 16, 7 32 54 PM Photo Aug 16, 7 37 52 PM IMG_7437IMG_7441