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Best Buddies meets Adventure

It started in February and ended in May: The Best Buddies program at Cotting School planned three different “Waypoint adventures” for three different pairs of buddies. The series was centered on group and individual growth and championed inclusion. Diverse students learning together and challenging themselves alongside one another promotes the best sort of growth. It was such a pleasure designing this series! Thanks Best Buddies for this model to live by.

The first program was open to Middle School students at Cotting School in Lexington and Meadowbrook School in Weston. Click link below to check out the story we published in February on this program and one student, Thulasi, in particular that surprised her peers, teachers, and even her dad!

The second program got out into the March cold and hiked at Cutler Park in Needham. “Capstone” students at Cotting School (Ages 18-22) partnered up with college students at Lasell College and hit the trails. The group had to work together to navigate the trails, stay warm, and participate fully. It’s easier to hike when you have company!












And last, but not least, we ended back at Central Rock Climbing Gym with Upper School Students from Cotting School and Buckingham Browne & Nichols in Cambridge. The goal was the same: use high challenge to facilitate connection between diverse students. It was an awesome end to this series we’ve loved and a great memory-maker for all involved.





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