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Best Buddies; A Series Built on Trust and Accomplishment

We see it all the time, but it never gets old: Participants and their communities surprised at what they can achieve when they accept a challenge and are given support through that challenge.

Thulasi arrived for our climbing program with Best Buddies fully expecting to just watch. Her goals were social – she would just hang out with her friends from Cotting School, her new “Buddies” from Meadowbrook School, and watch others climb. But after engaging in the group activities and feeling support from her friends the option was presented to her and she changed her mind. Girded by the support of classmates and friends, Thulasi climbed to the very top!

Thulasi’s dad choked up in our closing circle. He said “I am constantly surprised by my daughter. I never thought she would climb! But seeing her at the top was a great reminder of what she is capable of.” Thulasi pushing her limits on the rock wall changed things for her dad that day. Thulasi’s confidence certainly grew, but so did the understanding of those that love and support her.

Waypoint Adventure and Best Buddies (an organization spanning 123 different cities and 14 different countries) are teaming up in 2019 for a 3-program-series designed to provide “Buddy” pairs experiences in trust building and real life challenges. Relationships that go deep are founded on trust and vulnerability and what better way to make new friends than on a challenging adventure where support is vital! Middle School pairs of students from Meadowbrook School and Cotting School were the first in this 3-program series and the kick-off was a resounding success!

We’re thrilled to be working with students like Thulasi and organizations like Best Buddies for the opportunity to break down misconceptions of abilities and barriers to access so all can experience powerful transformation!

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Thank you again as always to Central Rock Gym for the space to learn and grow!