Be a Waypoint Trip Leader!

Do you have experience leading adventure trips like kayaking, hiking or rock climbing? Do you have or want to have experience working with people with disabilities? Have you been looking for an opportunity to use your adventure skills to positively impact people’s lives and earn a little extra money? We have an opportunity for you!

In an effort to increase Waypoint’s ability to run more high quality adaptive adventure programs for people with disabilities, we are launching a Per-Diem Trip Leader program. We’re looking for skilled and motivated adventure trip leaders to act as Per Diem Co-Leaders or Head Trip Leaders.

There are two levels to this position:

  1. Co Trip Leader – This position would work alongside a Waypoint Staff Member/ Head Trip Leader on the day of the program, would review and contribute to lesson plan design and would help facilitate/lead sections of the program as mutually agreed upon by you and the Head Leader. He/She would arrive early, set up, and pack up after the program is done. See more in-depth description of responsibilities listed in the job description below. This position has the option of earning a $100 stipend for the day or can choose to donate it back to the Waypoint scholarship fund.

  2. Head Trip Leader – This position would be the head trip leader for the programs for which they desire to lead, executing Waypoint-style adventure education programming. They would work approximately 5 hours prior to the program doing registration and intake of participants, coordinating logistics, and packing out for the program and approximately 2 hours after the program – executing Waypoint’s program close out process including tracking participants in our data base, restocking/cleaning gear, and filling out a program recap sheet. See more in-depth description of responsibilities in the job description below. This position earns a stipend of $200 per program.

For the full job description of both Co and Head Trip Leader and steps for applying, click here: Per Diem Trip Leader Job Description

If you are eligible to apply (as laid out in Job Description), download the Application and click here: Job Application