Winter Adventures at Weston

Weston Ski Track in Weston, MA is the hub of winter fun at Waypoint! With snow-making machines that you can see in action, we can enjoy groomed trails for various kinds of snow travel all season!

To get ready for the day, we’ll do a phone intake with you to get to know you and your goals. At the programs, we’ll provide either group or individual instruction and training on the equipment. We have snowshoes and cross-country skis for upright fun and there is just the right amount of hills and a practice area with ski tracks to keep you going straight as you learn.

We also have equipment to sit down such as high-performance sit-skis and/or we can help push you on a kick sled or push ski sled. We can customize and modify any equipment to fit your needs. Join us!

This is my 3rd season trying adaptive XC skiing at Weston.  This year, the new equipment has allowed me to have more control of the skis.  I feel like I am controlling the ski more than the ski is controlling me!  Huge thanks to the Waypoint and Weston Ski Track folks who have taken the time to fit/adjust the equipment and support me as I learn to move across the snow with a little more balance and speed each time.”
– Participant