Trainings, like our adventure programs, are custom tailored around goals identified in collaboration with your staff. These hands-on events may be focused on a wide range of topics including building the knowledge and skills necessary to include people with disabilities. 

Adaptive Climbing Clinic

The Waypoint Adaptive Climbing Clinic will introduce you and/or your staff to the freedom available through adaptive rock climbing, regardless of your ability. In addition to a philosophical inclusion conversation, we’ll discuss language, mindset, and specific strategies including methods for adaptive climbing.

Adaptive Kayaking

The Waypoint Adaptive Kayaking Training will prepare you to include people with a wide range of disabilities based on your program’s needs. Through careful assessment we will custom tailor this training to ensure that you and/or your staff are prepared to safely and effectively execute a kayaking program.

rock climbing


“We all really enjoyed working with you… It was both educational and truly enjoyable… We learned A LOT from your staff and were impressed with your instruction, patience, organization and willingness to learn how to fit the clinical aspects of each participant’s situation. We are definitely looking forward to working with your staff again soon.”
Bobbi Delany, Advanced Physical Therapist, Adaptive Sports Coordinator, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

“I thought [Waypoint’s] contribution to the Professional Development was challenging, frustrating and effective. The staff is very receptive to you which is a big compliment. Your work more than met my expectations. In particular, I really believe that your wrap up was great and added another layer to our definition of ‘Umana.’ Nicely done!”
Alexandra Montes-McNeil, Principal, Mario Umana Academy, Boston Public Schools

“I want you to know I had the best time with you guys and my peers at this training; I enjoyed, laughed, and learned so much to help WDC run a safe kayaking program. I can’t wait to get out in the water again and tip my boat. LOL!!! Thank you for a great training!!!”
Deborah Mullett, Wrentham Developmental Center