The mission of Waypoint Adventure is to challenge youth and adults with disabilities to discover their purpose, talents and strengths through the transforming power of adventure.

Indoor & Outdoor Rock Climbing

Waypoint Rock Climbing programs are accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities. These programs provide a supportive and challenging environment for beginners and experienced climbers alike. During this program, you and your group will be encouraged to confront your limitations and attain your goals – all within the framework of self-discovery and fun! Waypoint will provide adaptive equipment, personal instruction, ample climbing time, and trained staff who will support and instruct you as you experience the benefits and freedom that are found in this amazing sport.


“This experience gave them the opportunity to truly step out of their comfort zone and consider how the strategies used to successfully climb the rocks may enable them to reach other goals they are working towards such as graduating from high school, finding roommates and housing and landing their first jobs.” ~ Director, LABBB Collaborative

“Going rock climbing with Waypoint provided a real life example for students of how grit is important not only in the classroom but throughout their lives. After we returned to the classroom I found that as a teacher I was able to tie the grit and determination needed to go rock climbing to grit needed to navigate academics and even peer relationships. It has become an ever present metaphor” ~
Arlington Public Schools Teacher

“Brennan had a great time and was eager to tell us about his rock climbing experience and how high he climbed!” –