Indoor & Outdoor Kayaking

Indoor Kayaking
The Waypoint Indoor Kayak program is a great way to introduce you and your group to the sport of kayaking. Experienced staff will allow you to get comfortable in a kayak, adapt a boat to your needs and teach you basic kayak paddle strokes, safety, and rescue techniques in the comfortable and controlled environment of the pool. Our hope is that the pool session will give you the confidence and skills needed to come outdoors and paddle in the open water with us!

 Two people getting into a kayak in a pool. Both are smiling and laughing. A big group of participants in kayakis in the pool with one on one instructors who are teaching them how to kayak. A group of students who are blind or have visual impairments and are feeling all of the parts of a kayak during a "kayak parts" lesson.

Outdoor Kayaking
The Waypoint Outdoor Kayaking program will give you and your group access to some of New England’s most beautiful lakes, rivers, and coastline. Enjoy the fun and serenity of the water all while being a part of a supportive community. Benefit from the wide array of adaptive kayaking equipment designed to meet your individual needs. Our highly trained staff will instruct, support, and encourage you as you learn new skills or further develop your existing ones.

Young man with downs sundrome who is in a lafe with his hand on his kayak after he has successfuly flipped his boat over. He's smiling and obviously having a great time. A group of kayaking participants all posing for the camera during a kayak program on the boston harbor. One participant is still in his boat on shore and all of the others are gathered around him. Two participants in a red kayak out on the Charles River. both are smiling at the camera.

“What a great time Zach had on Saturday – thank you so much for making him feel at home. We look forward to many more adventures with your group.”
Deborah Trickett – Parent