Adventure Trip Leader & Program Coordinator

Desired Qualities:
A successful Program Coordinator (PC) will be, first and foremost, passionate about the mission of Waypoint. They will firmly believe that the power of adventure-learning experiences creates positive change in individuals and groups, and will continually champion this belief.
Candidate will have an outgoing nature and a desire to obtain and strengthen relationships with people, recognizing that this is the core of our work. They should be warm, inviting, trustworthy, flexible, able to accept critique, and have excellent written and verbal communication skills (both in person and over the phone). They should be able to ask for clarification and/or assistance from co-workers to ensure the best possible outcomes. When working with participants, they should be able to gracefully strike a balance between the patience and high expectations necessary to bring out the best in people – having the courage to push people out of their comfort zones, but the knowledge and experience to know when to hold back.

Skill Set:
1. Experience and comfort working with people with varying levels of cognitive and physical disability.
2. Technical skills and program facilitation experience necessary to manage risk on each of Waypoint’s program types and frame programs to meet individual and group goals.
3. An understanding of working within the dynamics of a Special Education department/system. Much of Waypoint’s programming consists of partnerships with schools and social service agencies where sensitivity to teachers, students, parents, and administrators is necessary.

This full time position is responsible for developing, coordinating, and running all aspects of Waypoint Adventure’s programming, which may be assigned. Some programs take place on weekends and/or evenings.
The job of the Program Coordinator (PC) is multifaceted. From the day-to-day work and throughout the year, the PC wears many different hats. It is integral to the job to be well organized, flexible, and creative. The PC is a trip leader/facilitator, event planner, educator, curriculum writer, trainer, and coach. This makes the job ever changing and never boring. No matter which hat the PC is wearing, their job is to look out for the best interest of participants and to stay true to the mission of Waypoint Adventure. Along with the entire staff, the PC is continually working to move Waypoint toward a sustainable future as a leader in accessible, transformational, and experiential adventure education.

Essential Duties – Program Coordination, Curriculum Development & Facilitation:

Program Leadership:

  • Design program lessons and itineraries in alignment with group and individual participant goals.
  • Act as lead trip facilitator in collaboration with other staff and solo when appropriate.
  • Perform all technical aspects of Waypoint programming as outlined in the Program Manual (anchor building, rescue techniques, teaching universally designed lessons, etc.).
  • Understand and follow all of Waypoint’s policies and procedures.
  • Increase program effectiveness through implementation of new and cutting-edge forms of adaptive accommodations and supports for people with physical and cognitive disabilities.

Administrative Tasks for Programs

  • Coordinate program site and group logistics prior to each program and execute the program close-out process.
  • Appreciate and thank site/venue hosts, group contacts, volunteers and participants in a meaningful way.
  • Represent Waypoint at various events, fairs, or conferences throughout the year that seek to inform the community of opportunities for people with disabilities or volunteers.