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Opening A World of Opportunity

Adventure, challenge, community and FAMILY are all possible because of YOU! 

Grayson Chair Story

In early September 2018, Waypoint received a call from a woman in Connecticut who said that their family use to love hiking but as their son grew he became too big to carry and his disabilities made it impossible for him to go along. It was her birthday and when her husband asked what she’d like to do for her birthday, it sparked a memory. She’d visited our website over a year ago and saw a wheelchair that she thought would be a good fit for her son and she wanted to go hiking… with her whole family!

When we learned that they lived in Connecticut, we told her we were going to be there the next day to run a kayaking program and that we’d be happy to bring the chair along for them to use. She immediately got emotional and gratefully said they’d be there at 8:00 sharp!

When they arrived, we showed them how to use the chair, loaded it up in their car, gave them directions to a trail only about 20 minutes from the area and sent them on their way. When they returned the chair later that afternoon they were all smiles, telling us how they hiked all the way to the end of the trail and even managed to cross a large stone dam that they would have never imagined crossing before!

They said that the chair worked perfectly for their son and confirmed that it is possible for them to hike again as a family! They’re hoping to start a “go-fund-me” page to raise money to purchase a chair like ours and share it with other families they know in their area.

If it weren’t for people like you who contribute to Waypoint, we wouldn’t be able to purchase equipment like this!

With your help, participants and their families, like the Vernon’s, can continue to take part in these life enhancing activities.


Grayson Chair 2

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