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A Strong Partnership with Yachad

Partnerships are the at the root of our work. When the strengths of Waypoint join the strengths of other organizations in our community, great things happen. Our partnership with New England Yachad is no exception.

Yachad is a national organization “dedicated to addressing the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life.” Although I can guess that it’s the case with all chapters, the New England chapter is one that’s full of life and a contagious joy that shows up when these diverse communities of people participate together.

This year we had the opportunity to run two days of adventure with Yachad. The first took place in August as we kayaked on the Charles River. As you’ll see in the pictures below, the day couldn’t have been better. The sun was shining and the weather was hot. It was a wonderful day to be on the water sharing in the free gifts of nature and community.

The second adventure with this crew took us to Quincy Quarries to enjoy a day of rock climbing. Everyone worked hard and pushed their limits while being met with the support of a loving community. It was a day filled with sun, sweat, cheers and high fives! If you want to read more about the climbing experience from Yachad’s perspective, check out their recent blog post.

We are so thankful for partnerships like the one we have with Yachad and can’t wait for many more adventures with this great organization!

Group stands in opening circle to kick the program off
Group photo with kayaks in the background
Kayakers on the water holding paddles high in the air
IMG_0474 (1)
Kayakers paddling down the river with big smiles


Photo Aug 13, 11 40 23 AM
Kayakers paddling under a bridge on the charles river
Photo Aug 13, 11 57 09 AM
Dan and Waypoint volunteers helping a kayaker into their seat
Photo Aug 13, 12 00 59 PM
Our friend Rafi and a Waypoint volunteer, smiling and giving a thumbs up
View from on top of the cliff looking down at our group
View form on top of the cliff looking down on a few climbers who are looking up and smiling
Julia working her way up the rock cliff
Waypoint volunteer Bonnie tying a participant into a climbing rope
Yachad participant climbing up the rocks and pausing to smile and take a picture
Yachad participant climbing up the rocks.
Waypoint staff Adam setting up some ropes for the accessible climbing system
Big view of the climbing cliff at quincy quarries.
Three yachad community members smiling and posing for a picture.
Yachad member smiles for a picture as he takes a break on a chair in between climbs.
Waypoint volunteer Bonnie belay’s while coaching a yachad member up the cliff
Yahcad member, Rafi giving a big smile as he prepares to ascend the rope while sitting in an accessible climbing harness.
Rafi is in the accessible climbing harness to ascend the rope using a series of pull-ups
Group photo in front of the graffiti covered cliffs


Adam working with Yachad member, Sam, to climb the cliff


Yachad member at the top of the cliff looking down and smiling with success!