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A Letter From Dan

group photo in the woods
Lots of people running on a bike path
A large group of people on a hill on a fall day
Two people kayaking on a sunny day

What if we could make more years like 2021 possible?

Does that sound strange to you? While many people have suffered in incomprehensible ways this year, and I do not make light of those experiences, I am also thankful that Waypoint was in the right place at the right time to make many moments this year full of JOY, BELONGING, and OPPORTUNITY.

Here are just a few statements we heard from participants this year:

  • “Thanks so much for the personalized kayak trip with my brother! We could not have asked for a better experience. Your kindness and professionalism immediately made us comfortable both for my brother’s safety as well as allowed us to relax and enjoy the experience together in a calm and beautiful location.”

  • “This was the first time since her injury that we got to do something truly fun as a family!”

  • “Today was ‘independence’ day!”

In 2021, Waypoint trip leaders facilitated over 200 programs – the most in our 11-year history! Many of these were private, customized lessons for individuals or families.

Now we need your support to keep growing. People are banging on Waypoint’s door requesting more opportunities for accessible adventure programs than our team of staff, trip leaders, and volunteers can possibly provide. The calendar is already booked through the spring of 2022!

How many opportunities will you help to make possible in 2022? On average, an adventure with Waypoint costs $250 per participant. Can you make one more adventure accessible? How about ten? Would you consider a hundred? Partnering with Waypoint through a financial contribution will directly impact people’s ability to access the outdoors in the coming year. Thank you for being part of this team and for your generosity!


Dan Minnich Executive Director

P.S. The pictures in this letter were taken on separate adventures held during one single week this fall. Programming at this level of frequency has become the norm and your support makes these opportunities possible!