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“A Full Day Outside in Winter is a True Gift”

Waypoint Adventure just finished a 4-program series of winter hikes through the Blue Hills Reservation on another day filled with the electric hum of community and awe-inspiring natural beauty. After hoping for snow and realizing to no avail that we’d be keeping our boots on, we headed down to Ponkapoag Pond to get started.

A steady 4 miles around the pond blew by thanks to all of the 30 hikers. Everyone had smiles on their faces and encouragement for those around them. Amara said, “It was because of the smiling faces that this hike was so good. And today was my first hike too.” Another mom said of her daughter’s participation, “A full day outside in winter is a true gift!” We whole-heartedly agree! Even after just 4 hikes, we felt like family; able to laugh together and share what we were learning and what hiking together was all about.

Being together around the pond opened up the opportunity to quiet ourselves for a few minutes and appreciate what was around us. Slowing down for a silent solo opportunity to pay attention to the natural movements around us are the little moments where the fast-paced world around us slows down and it all comes into perspective. What a great way to end this 4-part hiking series!

A HUGE thank you to everyone from DCR’s Universal Access Program for your partnership and support of these programs. The staff from DCR joined us on each hike and shared the experience of winter hiking alongside us. We’re so grateful for you!

Another “thank you” to GRIT for graciously sharing their Freedom Chair‘s with us. Your chairs were the perfect addition for many of our hikers; Thank you to our volunteer Bill Boyes for taking some amazing pictures! And thank you to the YMCA of Boston, Ponkapoag Outdoor Center, and Shea Memorial Rink for sharing their buildings with us before the hikes to get warm and use the bathrooms.

And, last but not least, thank you to everyone who came on one, some, or all of these hikes! You know what they say, “It takes a village”. And all of the members of this village filled a unique and important role in making these programs a success.

We can’t wait to start thinking about another season of hiking soon! Enjoy the photos and read about our first hike in the series here, and our second hike in the series here.

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