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Eight Reasons Waypoint Adventure is different

Waypoint Adventure: Where “I can’t” becomes “I can.” Waypoint Adventure, founded in 2010, awakens youths and adults with disabilities to their willful spirit through the power of adventure. With guided, experiential programs tailored to individual needs, Waypoint provides personal growth and team triumph – as participants discover their purpose, value, strengths, and abilities.

What makes Waypoint Adventure unique can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Inclusive Approach: Waypoint Adventure is dedicated to inclusivity. They focus on creating an inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities can participate alongside their able-bodied peers, friends, and family members. This approach fosters a sense of community and promotes social integration.
  2. Wide Range of Activities: Waypoint Adventure offers a diverse range of adaptive outdoor activities. These include rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, overnight camping, cycling, cross-country skiing, and more. This variety allows participants to explore their interests and abilities in different outdoor settings.
  3. Customized Programs: Waypoint Adventure tailors its programs to meet the specific needs and abilities of participants. They work closely with individuals with disabilities to develop personalized plans that enable them to engage in adventure activities safely and comfortably.
  4. Trained Staff and Volunteers: The organization has highly trained staff and volunteers who are experienced in working with individuals with disabilities. They have the knowledge and skills to adapt activities and equipment to accommodate various needs.
  5. Focus on Empowerment: Waypoint Adventure places a strong emphasis on empowerment. Through outdoor adventures, they aim to help participants build confidence, develop new skills, and overcome challenges. This approach can have a profound impact on the self-esteem and independence of individuals with disabilities.
  6. Community Building: Waypoint Adventure’s programs foster a sense of camaraderie among participants and their families. Outdoor adventures can create lasting connections and provide opportunities for social interaction and support.
  7. Accessibility Advocacy: Beyond their programs, Waypoint Adventure is involved in advocacy efforts to promote greater accessibility in outdoor and recreational spaces. They work to remove physical and social barriers that may hinder people with disabilities from participating in outdoor activities.
  8. Collaboration: Waypoint Adventure collaborates with other organizations, schools, and community groups to expand the reach of their programs and make outdoor adventures more accessible to a broader audience. Examples include Boston Public Schools, Guild for Human Services, Project Adventure, The Trustees of Reservations, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, Franciscans Children’s Hospital, and more.

Waypoint Adventure exists to help free what’s possible!