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Dear Waypoint Community,

Due to caronavirus concerns, we have canceled our April 2nd Annual Fundraiser. We will be releasing virtual alternatives that will still celebrate our 10-year anniversary, bid farewell to Co-Founder Adam Combs, and raise important funds. We will be sharing video messages from three members of the community that were selected as event speakers in the coming weeks to explain why Waypoint creates opportunities that allow growth for life.

I’m sure you can imagine this is a difficult reality, especially given that this is our biggest fundraiser throughout the year, bringing in 35% of our annual individual giving.  The average attendee of the spring fundraiser gives between $200 and $750. With initial projections expected to raise $80,000 and $20,000 lost in program revenue so far, we need your contributions toward raising 100K. If you feel led to generosity during this trying time, please help Waypoint continue into the next decade!

These friends of Waypoint had committed to inviting their friends and co-hosting this event. They’ve committed to giving their typical donation and we’re so grateful. Thank you to…

Cherise and Bobby Bransfield, Sarah Perry and Tony Kingsley, Sandy and John Gillis, Dubs and Rob Dickey, Laura and Rick Malnight, Liza and Chris Mills, Suzanne and Stephen Erwin, Stephanie and David Javaheri, Stephanie and Dan Allred, Eunice Groark and Kevin Clark.

Thank you to our event sponsors! Each and every one of the sponsors below committed to leaving their donation in place despite the canceled event. We’re honored and thankful for your support.