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Have you recently done something that challenged you in a significant way, for the first time?

At the end of September a group of 11 young adults participated in an overnight backpacking trip. For most of them this was their first experience backpacking. The trip included many challenges: following a map, filtering water, cooking over a camp stove, hanging food between trees to keep it out of reach of bears and trying to stay warm under a tarp when the temperature dropped to the mid 30s overnight! The adventure marked the halfway point for this year’s Leaders In Training program, and was a significant marker for everyone involved. It would have been challenging for anyone, but especially so for those with physical, sensory and developmental disabilities.

Your support makes these opportunities possible!

  • After kayaking with Waypoint this summer, one young man with autism has been able to join his family on the water several more times – a new experience. His mother told us, “This showed me that we can be much more adventurous and active as a family.”

  • Another mother told us after watching her son and daughter kayak with Waypoint, “It was amazing to watch both of my kids enjoy the outdoors in a way I never thought possible. Our daughter was her best self today.”

  • After a rock climbing trip a special education teacher commented, “going rock climbing with Waypoint provided a real life example of how grit is important not only in the classroom but throughout their lives. After we returned to the classroom I found that I was able to tie the grit and determination needed to go rock climbing to grit needed to navigate academics and even peer relationships. It has become an ever present metaphor.”

YOU are positively changing the culture of classrooms and empowering families to embark on their own adventures.


DSCF3421_previewWe’d be enormously grateful if you’d partner with us by making a year-end gift toward our goal of $100,000. Your support will ensure that more people with disabilities will get to experience adventures in 2018 that will change and shape them in ways we can only imagine.