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2018 Spring Fundraising Party — Report

For those of you who could join us at the 2018 Spring Fundraising Party, thank you for coming! We hope you enjoy the pictures! For those of you who couldn’t make it, we missed you!

A big thank you to the event sponsors: Gillis Family, Natowitz Family, Petrini Corporation, Boston Ability Center, Rifton and Newfangled Studios

If you were there, you had the chance to see Waypoint’s new video titled “Belonging“. Click here to watch and share this amazing video showcasing the power of adventure and community.

Thanks to all of you we raised just over $80,000 which will be used to increase program capacity and enable more than 1000 more people to participate over the next two years. Together we will ensure that people with disabilities and our communities continue to be impacted deeply and more people have the opportunity to participate.

Hope to see you all on a Waypoint Adventure soon!!

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