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2016 Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations Lori! Lori has volunteered on over 15 programs in the past 2 years. On every adventure, she add her charisma, welcoming personality, calm demeanor, and personal experience that help make each program impactful. Thank you Lori for all you’ve added to this community! Check out her video below:

Why Lori volunteers with Waypoint

Lori Dunn “lots of fun” is a Cali native, Peace Corps recruiter, consultant for Boston non-profits, and former Disneyland employee. Her adventurous and welcoming personality have made her a crucial member of the Waypoint team and there are so many reasons you need to learn more about Lori.

If you’ve met her once, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Lori has a degree in Theater. But get to know Lori more and you’ll discover a heart and passion focused on the betterment of other people. She has two masters degrees from Brandeis in Sustainable International Development and Coexistence and Conflicts. Besides volunteering at Waypoint she currently serves the Strong Women Strong Girls association, Boston Debate League, and volunteers at Brandeis facilitating theater for Senior Citizens.

While serving in the Peace Corps in Azerbaijan, she fell in love with introducing young people to the outdoors. Her and another teacher would take students on hikes and teach them about the different trees, wildlife, and how to pack a backpack.

What Lori loves about Waypoint is the community. She said, “nowhere do I find people who are always smiling and THAT excited about being outdoors!” She said she loves “being in a group where there are some people experiencing the outdoors for the first time and others who do this all the time.” That combination creates a community founded on challenge and support and get both Lori and Waypoint alike excited for programs.

We’d like to say a BIG thanks to Lori for her support on programs as well as helping us develop a Waypoint evaluation tool for measuring outcomes. Congratulations on being our Volunteer of the Year! You’ve made programs impactful and have helped change the lives of our participants.