2 Months of Teamwork

This fall, Waypoint was invited to work with a group of high-school students in an 8-week long after-school series. The focus of this program was centered around one goal: team. 

What is a team? A team is a group of people that work together to accomplish a goal or task. And over the course of 2 months, these students certainly got to work towards some fun and exciting goals.

If you don’t know about Cotting School in Lexington, MA, you should check them out. As the nation’s first school for children with disabilities, it has an impressive 124-year history of supporting the values of teamwork. Their mission is to provide students with opportunities to learn, gain independence, discover strengths, and build meaningful relationships. We’ve had the pleasure of sharing their campus, but – in this series – really got to foster relationships with students we’ve been seeing around campus. We were honored to facilitate some teamwork initiatives for them. Check out our series below:

Click to watch us playing Team Tag!

Photo Sep 28, 3 07 31 PM

Photo Sep 28, 3 53 33 PM (1)

Through the first couple of weeks, the group began to established trust in one another. Through challenging activities like Bull Ring and Empty the Brain, members of the group had to rely on each other to be successful. While there were many obstacles that the group encountered, they continued to support each other and build friendships.

Photo Oct 12, 3 42 07 PM

By the end of 8 weeks, students came together as one cohesive unit. Tested by countless team-building activities and problem-solvers, each student was able to share with the group what the word “team” meant to them and how this program gave them an new opportunity to have fun with their classmates.

Photo Nov 16, 3 33 21 PM

Photo Nov 16, 3 34 45 PM

We’re thankful we get to partner with Cotting School!