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115+ Waypoints: The Summer of 2016

As we headed into our 6th summer of running kayaking programs, it was time to bring the focus back to our roots. Summer of 2016 became the #summerofwaypoint – a summer to recognize with our participants that adventures like kayaking are about more than just having fun – they’re about recognizing a point along life’s journey that teaches you something about yourself. A “waypoint” is a marker along a journey (like a landmark) that serves as a reminder or lesson about where you are, where you’re going, or where you’ve been.

Thanks to DCR’s Universal Access Program, Waypoint was able to offer low-cost programming to 16 groups of people ages 6-65. Over 115 people experienced their waypoints: “realizing that I’m a natural at kayaking even though it was my first time,” “being a part of a community,” “experiencing the city in a new way,” “jumping out of my boat…” and more and more and more. In-fact, we had so many waypoints, our banner ran out of space! Check out pictures from our awesome summer!

And like our participants, we hope YOU will experience life’s adventures and let the challenge of paddling a boat, working through a task, or being a part of a community be your waypoint.

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