School Programming


Waypoint Education Program
Waypoint Adventure’s partnership with school and community organizations provides intentionally designed, goal-focused and fully accessible adventure programs. The main goal of Waypoint Education is to use engaging experiential programming to provide opportunities for positive social and character development. The specific goals and concepts for this program will depend on the students’ needs and will be derived through collaboration with school staff. Some examples of concepts to be taught include teamwork, communication, perseverance, resiliency, work force readiness and self-determination.
The sequenced design of this program allows for consistency and repetition in the concepts as well as an opportunity to establish relationships of trust among the participants and facilitators. This program will provide challenging adventures and intentional facilitation in a supportive environment thus being conducive to transferring these concepts into students’ everyday life.

“The difference in a Waypoint Adventure program versus just spending time outside is the intentionality and custom-tailored curriculum found in each program. Dan and Adam don’t just take people outside. They plan ahead, strategize, and ensure that each goal discussed with the group/leader beforehand is met by the end of the program.”
Volunteer & Teacher at the Edward Brooke Charter School